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Therapy Services 

Home Services

Applied Behavior Analysis is concerned with socially significant behavior. We offer comprehensive home services that aim to increase adaptive behavior while decreasing problem behavior. Home services include (but are not limited to) skill acquisition, life skills, and significant person training.  

School Services

Treatment plans for school services are curated in collaboration with the teachers, school psychologist, and other professionals as necessary. We believe in providing support that facilitates the least intrusive environment. School services include (but are not limited to) behavior management and adaptive skills.       

Community Services 

Community services are provided in locations determined by the family or based on adaptive skill assessments. This services aims to facilitate extra-curricular activity such as sports, club participation or religious classes. Programming is tailored to facilitate skill development for activities that promote child development.  


We provide a variety of assessments to assess skill set and behavior. We conduct assessments in the home, school or community setting. We currently provide the following assessments: functional behavior assessment, VB-MAPP, AFLS, PEAK, and ABLLS. 


We provide consultation for home, school and community services. Consultations can be one time or continuous based on the clients needs. Consultations include case conceptualization, assistance with staff training, treatment and/or behavior plan development and program evaluation.  

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