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  • How will my child receive ABA services?
    ABA services are provided by board certified behavior analysts (BCBA's ), registered behavior technicians (RBT's), and behavior health technicians (BHT's). After an initial evaluation and a functional behavior assessment (FBA), the behavior analysts will create a treatment plan and skill acquisition program based on the child's current needs. An RBT or BT will be responsible for implementing the treatment plan and skills acquisition program under the supervision of the BCBA.
  • How do I set up services for my child?
    After receiving a diagnosis for Autism Spectrum Disorder, and/or a developmental delay, and/or Social/Communication/Behavioral Disorder , please schedule a consultation at to discuss the next step.
  • Where will services be provided?
    ABA services are provided in the school, home, community setting based on the treatment plan.
  • What does an ABA session look like?
    ABA sessions are tailored to fit the child's needs thus are different for every child. Sessions will address behaviors of concern and the skill acquisition needs of the child. Sessions will include a BCBA, RBT or BHT, and/or significant person.
  • What is a significant person?
    As we move towards inclusion and realize that family and support structures are evolving, we at Pillar want to acknowledge this change. Hence, we utilize the term 'significant person' to reference people in the child's life. Significant person(s) can be parents, relatives, sibling's, caregivers, teachers etc.
  • What is my role as a significant person?
    Significant person(s) play a crucial role in the child's life. ABA services will include training in supporting the child in their environment. This role may also include but is not limited to, observation, participation in implementing the treatment plan and data collection.
  • What is a treatment plan?
    A treatment plan is a document that details how and what ABA services will be delivered. This document also lists all the individual goals, strategies, and procedures that will be used. Treatment plans are created by the board certified behavior analyst and implemented by registered behavior technicians or behavior health technicians.
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