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We are invested in helping your child reach their full potential. Our highly skilled clinicians create, implement and evaluate program based solely on your child's needs. Here are some of the ways we ensure the highest clinical standards. 

Family Centered

From the initiation of services, families will have input on all aspects of the program. All programs will include goals for families in order to ensure a transfer of skill from the clinicians to the family. Programing will also include training for all people in the child's life (i.e. teachers, caregivers etc.). 

Clinician Standards

All our clinicians receive a minimum of fifty hours of training before being placed with families. In addition, all clinicians complete twenty four hours of continued education and training every year. All clinicians strive to be board certified within one year of employment.  

IBHS Licensed Program

Pillar ABA is Intensive Behavioral Health Service (IBHS) licensed program meaning we have met the Department of Human Services stringent standards for clinical policies and standards. 

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Electronic Health Records

Pillar ABA utilizes an Electronic Practice Management System. Families will have access to all their child's records and files on demand. This allows parents to actively monitor the child's progress, easily download progress reports and other valuable documents to facilitate collaboration with others. Electronic Health Records also help the planet by reducing unnecessary paper usage.  

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